How to Make The Perfect Cup of Tea

Can you believe there has been solid scientific research on this topic from collecting statistics, analyzing data, surveying people, etc all to finding out how to make the perfect cup of Tea? Well, there has been.

A group of scientists at the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences spent 180 hours of testing and volunteers consumed 285 cups of Tea to come up with how to make the perfect cup of Tea.

First, one needs to use fresh, good-tasting water. Water is the base for tea, if the base is not ideal, the Tea will not be ideal. If possible, use bottled water, spring, or filtered water. It should start cool or cold. Cool or cold water holds fewer minerals and thus is purer and better tasting.

Next, a good quality Tea needs to be used. If you choose a substandard tea, then the tea will be substandard. Most Tea Bags are made with tea fannings or tea dust, which do not taste as good as full leaves or larger pieces of tea. Specialty tea shops do carry higher quality Bagged Teas though. Most Tea available at the grocer will not yield an ideal cup of tea.

Heat the water, one true serving of Tea is 6 oz of water- this is substantially smaller than a typical mug holds. For Green Tea or White Tea, do not heat the water to boiling. Green and White Tea are too delicate for that hot of water. For Oolong, Black, or Herbal Tea the water should be boiling.

Place the proper amount of Tea in a Tea Infuser and put the infuser in a Tea Pot. Usually, about one teaspoon of Loose Tea should be used per 6 oz serving. Pour the water over the Tea and allow it to steep.

White Tea and Green Tea need to steep for less time than other types, usually only about 2 or 3 minutes, but this is largely dependent on taste preference. If White Tea or Green Tea are brewed too hot or allowed to steep for too long the tea can turn bitter. Other types of Tea need to steep for 3-7 minutes, largely depending on taste.

The scientists discovered that adding milk to White Tea increases the sweet notes in the tea and brings out toffee flavors. So if preferred add, milk, honey, or lemon to taste.

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