Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea is tea experience like never before. Discover all the Tazo unique flavors.

About Tazo Tea

Tazo Tea Company is a tea and herbal tea blender and distributor founded in Portland, Oregon. It is now a division of Unilever and is based in Kent, Washington.

It was founded in 1994 by Steven Smith. The manufacturing and distribution were maintained by North American Tea & Coffee, a Canadian-based food manufacturing company.

  • All Tazo teas are certified Kosher and Pareve by KSA
  • Naturally long shelf life of up to 12 months
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Convenient, individually wrapped tea bags
  • Brew it up to your favorite way – enjoy as hot tea or iced tea
Tazo tea
Tazo Tea
Tazo Tea

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