How To Steep Tea Get directions for how to steep loose leaf and bagged tea from Herbal Tea. Each type of tea has a different steep time. steep loose leaf tea, steeping tea, how long to steep tea, how to steep tea

How complicated could it be? Add a Tea Bag to hot water and let the tea steep.. not complicated at all.  Well, not so fast.  A properly steeped cup of tea does have nuances.

Tea’ base is water.  If you start with water that tastes bad your tea will taste bad.  If possible use filtered water, bottled water, or other pure water.  This will ensure a refreshing base for your tea.

Begin with cold water- cold water picks up less minerals when traveling through pipes so this is particularly important if using tap water.  Heat in a kettle until the water is at rolling boil for Black Tea, Oolong Tea, or Herbal Tea.  For White Tea or Green Tea– turn off the heat before the water begins to boil.  The leaves in Green Tea and White Tea are too delicate to be boiled.