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Flavored teas are becoming more and more common as people embrace the health benefits of tea. By adding a flavor that has a refreshing delightful aroma as well as a lightly sweet taste tea blender can make a tea that has wide appeal. Many non-tea drinkers even enjoy the light sweetness of citrus tea. Because it has a natural sweetness, people who would normally have their tea with honey or sugar often skip it because the delicate flavor and sweetness are just enough to be pleasing to their palate.

Citrus Teas can be based in white, green, oolong, or black tea– and any combination thereof. They may contain the flavors of one citrus fruit or a blend of several. Some of the most common ones are orange or lemon-flavored. Commonly orange-flavored tea also includes some gentle spices to bring out the delicate flavor of the orange.

Lemon tea is also a very common citrus tea. Because lemon flavor can be acidic it is often prepared using green or white tea so the acidity is not over-powering. Lemon tea is fantastically refreshing when served iced on a hot day, but I prefer it hot on a cold blustery day. The tea is soothing to raw throats and the steam helps open clogged nasal passages.

Because citrus teas are so popular and so well enjoyed they can be found easily. Usually, the teas available in grocery stores do not have the complexity or depth of flavor that can be found in specialty shops or online, but these teas can adequately serve to introduce a tea drinker to citrus teas without being overwhelming. If there is one problem common among grocery store citrus tea, it is that the citrus flavor can be too intense and overpower the tea flavor. This may be appealing to some but other people often prefer to enjoy the mellow tea flavors with hints of citrus. Of course, the grocery store citrus teas are designed to appeal to the masses.

Citrus teas can easily be found in the bag or loose tea forms. I would encourage tea drinkers to try a loose citrus tea once they find a flavor that they particularly enjoy as the complexity of flavor can be amazing.

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