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Organic tea is produced without the input of chemicals, pesticides, or herbicides.

About Organic Tea

Anyone who has been to a Starbucks in the past decade is no doubt familiar with Organic Tea. The brand name became popular in 1994 when Steve Cruz began marketing the variety of caffeinated teas to the public. There is dark-colored tea, lighter colored, some caffeine-free teas, and some with double the caffeine of their non-brand name equivalents. As with any other tea, Organic Tea is simply placed in a cup and boiling water poured over. It now offers an expansion of products that far surpasses the typical variety of teas. For those who are conscious, it is certifiably kosher with gluten-free merchandise. Expounding upon normal tea brands, Organic Tea offers Golf Green Cinnamon, Tea Lemonade, Lemon Ginger Root, and Organic Honeybush.

In conjunction with the Starbucks company, Organic tea is sold in a variety of exotic spices and calming flavors, the combination of which offers any tea lover a favorite selection. There is Chai tea latter concentrate for customers to enjoy at home. This is a black tea offered only in a latte. There are then filter bag options. Black iced tea bags and Awake black tea bags are great black tea varieties. For green teas, there is the Zen green iced tea offered by Organic Tea. “Refresh” is another inspired tea variety that includes a mint flavor and is an herbal infusion tea. “Passion” is an herbal infusion mix offered by Organic Tea, alongside “Zen” which is a green tea. The “Wild Sweet Orange” variety combines sweet citrus with herbs and the essence of orange in an herbal infusion.

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