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The best coffee brewers are defined by what you expect in a coffee machine, and coffee brewing has taken on different styles over the years.  Read on to discover how the styles of coffee brewers have changed over the years and how you can decide what the best coffee brewer is for your needs:

Early models

Until the 1600′, coffee was the Middle East’ best kept secret.  Europe then fell in love with the mysterious drink, and coffee houses began to flourish.  Europeans learned to roast and grind coffee beans from their Middle Eastern neighbors. In those early times, the coffee grounds were boiled with the water without a filter.  The proliferation of coffee couldn’t be stopped once filters were invented, although the practice of straining the coffee from boiling water still continued. In fact, American cowboys famously roasted coffee beans over camp fires, smashed the beans with nearby rocks, and strained out coffee grinds from boiling water with sack cloths.